Calculation of transport flows

Traffic monitoring software

We would like to introduce you an easy-to-use, but very advanced camera traffic system based on FLOUD (both mobile and stationary). With this system you can easily calculate traffic flows and use that data for a variety of purposes such as:
- If you plan to open a supermarket, gas station, snack bar or a restaurant near the road;
- If you are planning to pave a road in your area and need to submit data to the municipality about the intensity of the movement in that are;
- It is very important for municipalities to have data on the most busy streets and intensity changes in different time periods;

- Calculation of traffic flows in both directions and multiple lanes (there may be 2,3,4 or more lanes in each direction);
- The system determines the speed and size of vehicle movement. There are 4 categories: 1. Bicycles, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Small Cars; 2. Cars; 3. Minivans, Buses; 4. Small Trucks;
- There are no strict requirements for camera height, direction and angle. For example, flows can be counted both with a mobile camera installed in the car or on a pole or even outside the window of a house near the street;
- You can select the time period for storing the streaming data; Convenient data export as well as API capability;
- Possible trigger (congestion alert) and other relevant information.For example a car has entered an unauthorized road, location);
- The system works well at night, during rain or snow - in various nature conditions;
- Integration with the FLOUD WEB platform (a system that combines multiple computing cameras and plotting graphs, collects data and allows comparisons between different street traffic flows);

For the system to work it requires:
- LAN or WAN / 4G network;
- Power PoE or 230V;
Traffic monitoring software demonstration calculating car traffic in Kaunas city
You can find out more about this car traffic monitoring system by downloading the pdf brochure